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Americans Flooring, LLC is a trusted leader in high quality flooring installation and service, with the expertise of top notch employees that love their job and love every customer. We do every job like it was our own house.

You will be a customer for life when you come to us for your flooring needs. You will see the difference we make to our customers that set us apart from our competition. We offer competitive prices with decades of knowledge of what would suit you best. We always do what we say we're going to do and we are highly qualified to do the best. We also take pride in the value we offer, the trained staff we provide, and the careful attention we pay to our customers experience.

A great example of what our customers like best about Americans Flooring, LLC, is that they love dealing with a local business like ours where the money stays local to the community, helping with the local schools, and local governments. In turn provides the resources for neighbors, students, and officials to improve our enviroment together. 

We install from Ocean City to Deep Creek Lake! And everywhere in between.

Just remember these huge flooring companies only want your money. We have done countless repairs after these "hit and run" companies. It is very sad.


  • custom painting,
  • interior decorator services upon request and
  • installing/replacing baseboards, chair molding and crown molding. 

Every time you refer a paying customer you will receive up to $200 refund.

Valid from 2/1/16 to 5/1/16.

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We value your business. And we know that it's not easy to find Custom Installations, Flooring Repairs, and Consultations in Baltimore – but at Americans Flooring, you find that and more. If you want to have a personalized customers experience, and if you're wondering where to find Custom Installations in Baltimore, then we really hope you contact us.

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